Did you know that arañones, coriander and carrot have an identical anti-inflammatory function aspirin and work very well in cases of chronic pain?

You want to discover the benefits of foods rich in omega 3 to reduce pain?


El SÁBADO, 4 OCTOBER to 11 h. Xevi Verdaguer, physiotherapist and prestigious psychoneuroinmunologist, will hold a conference 2 horas y media de título: ¿el dolor crónico y las migrañas no te dejan vivir? You want to know what is the best way to treat chronic pain such as tendonitis, the headache, arthritis or osteoarthritis, and migraines, low back pains, cervical pain or joint pain long-term?

Inflammations can have very different backgrounds but are manifested in the same way immunologically. Recent studies have shown that a specific food can directly influence immunity and promote healing and pain. Do you want to know in detail what the most adequate food for people who have reduced enzymatic activity and therefore these pains? This conference is aimed at people who want to take an active role in order to finally resolve their pain.


Centro Fisio&terapia (C/Casablanca 23, Torremolinos (Málaga))

PRE-REGISTRATION (registration period until 27 September / Limited places):
Calling 952370000/699709898 or by sending an email to fisiotito@gmail.com